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BBC Drama: Civvies (1992) – #1/6


Civvies is a six-part thriller first broadcast on BBC1 on 22 September 1992. The series was written by Lynda La Plante – her first writing contribution for the BBC, after being snatched in a “golden handcuffs” deal following the success of Prime Suspect. The series focuses on Frank Dillon (Jason Issacs), a former Army soldier who finds life outside the army tougher than being in it – and slowly falls under the power of east end gangster Barry Newman (Peter O’Toole), who is looking to hire a trained hitman

Reconciling the danger and excitement of serving in the elite British Parachute Regiment with life back home with his family does not prove simple for Frank Dillon (Jason Isaacs). An impulsive and aggressive man, he is aware that his pay-off from the army isn’t sufficient to secure his future but, like his friends, struggles to find stable employment elsewhere. With no one prepared to take a chance on him, Frank may be powerless to resist the approaches of Barry Newman (Peter O’Toole), an East End gangster who could certainly find a use for a trained killer.

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