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Stuff vindicates Adam’s views


Yesterday Adam had a couple of posts about NZ Media and coverage of Ardern and the baby, this one and this as well. Well Stuff has very kindly corroborated my opinion.

NZ Media has lost the plot totally if Stuff’s website is anything to go by. BTW Stuff are not the only ones to be guilty in this regard.

Below is a screenshot from the site at approx 09:15 this morning



Several of the circled articles were about the arrival of Ardern Gayford and baby in Wellington yesterday, replete with video as well as photos. Clearly, given the extent of the coverage across various outlets this was a staged photo opportunity, exploiting the mother and baby schtick so often used in recent times by Ardern.

Then we had an article by Tracy Watkins on Ardern’s To Dos, but this was framed with this :-


Plus an article  from Henry Cooke, who was at Welllington Airport, on Ardern’s comments on Molyneux and Southern, of course it was framed by this:-


Then was was a cringeworthy,  gushing piece of fluff from Alison Mau, titled Jacinda, Neve and me); excuse Adam whilst he locates a vomit bag. on how she went to Ardern’s home to interview her. (Fawn at her feet would be a more appropriate description). Mau accompanied her article with snide observations about those not swooning with delight that Ardern has had a baby.

At the top of the page we had another piece of Ardern puffery from Stacey Kirk on how hard Ardern would be working, along with Ardern family video, and multiple photose of mother and child.

Then there was Duncan garner’s weekly piece of nonsense, ostensibly about Andrew Little, but introduced with an Ardern baby pic and much of the article was as much about Ardern as Little.

Now Adam can understand, though not agree with, coverage of Ardern’s arrival at Wellington Airport, though the gushing coverage and media cringe was more like this:-

Media lament that the public has little regard for much of what they ‘report’. Is it in fact surprising when the coverage of matters is of such low quality and focused on matters which are of little import to the great majority.

What makes this even worse is the report earlier this week

Parliament’s Speaker Trevor Mallard has issued a warning to journalists planning to take unauthorised photos of returning Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern’s baby Neve.

Ardern is set to return to the Beehive from maternity leave next week following the birth of her first child.

The Parliamentary Press Gallery was informed that any journalists who took unauthorised photos would have their accreditation removed and their employer would also be penalised.

The only time photos or video featuring Neve could be taken are in a single specified area (level 1 foyer of Parliament House) or by invitation only.

So the media are to be managed, the media are to be constrained in their reporting, but at the same time are complicit in Ardern parading her child at every opportunity to maximise Ardern’s electoral appeal and cloak how poorly her ‘omnishambles’ of a ‘government’ is performing.

This whole media thing with Ardern and the child is just wrong, wrong. Media should be ashamed and disgusted with their behaviour.


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