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Banning so called single use plastic bags – consequences


On Friday, we had again an  Ardern virtue signalling headline, from the compliant media, prior to an overseas junket with Neve and Clarke:-

Govt Bans plastic bags

Marvellous news is it not?

Pollution reduced – in theory

Animal harm reduced – in theory

Risks of climate change reduced – in theory

But, and it is a big but:-

What is the cost of this decision?

What is the advice of the officials?

Does this need a law change?

Is it subject to judicial review/

What are the direct and indirect cost of this decision?

What are the alternatives?

What is the cost of the alternatives?

Are the alternatives readily available?

Will the change enable more NZ jobs?

Many use plastic bags for other purposes, eg pet poop containers, what will be the readily and effectively free alternative?

Many use single use bags to assist in rubbish disposal, what will be the effectively free alternative?

Will benefits be increased to pay for the additional costs imposed by this move?

How will NZ and NZ business pay for this gesture?

Has the Ardern bunch of idiots even thought about the ramifications of this decision?

Frankly, Adam considers this decision to be ill thought out and it needs to be subjected to review. The theory is good, but the implications of execution are where the problems start.

Perhaps it was unfortunate the announcement was about plastic bags, given Ardern and wannabe kitten killer Eugenie Sage made the decree.

  1. 11/08/2018 20:03

    Thanks for clearing that up Adam, I had another post not appear on the Corbyn is an anti-Semite hhoo haa.

    Yes, on the Australian experience it can be achieved, and not everything has to be about improving the economy.

    As the late great Bob Ellis opined “Economies exist because people trade, not the other way around.”

    From “First Abolish the Customer”.


  2. 11/08/2018 09:48



    • adamsmith1922 permalink*
      11/08/2018 13:06

      Will check,as always appreciate your thoughts


  3. 11/08/2018 09:47



  4. 11/08/2018 09:47

    For around 10 years South Australia has had a ban on single use plastic bags and the world has not come to an end nor are the streets smothered in dog shit. The ban is now about to be implemented throughout Australia.

    Since 1977 South Australia has also had a deposit on soft drink and beer containers. It is currently $0.10 and drink prices in SA remain similar to other parts of the country. It is rare to see discarded drink containers as almost as soon as one person drops it, another will swoop in and collect it.

    How will NZ and NZ business pay for this gesture?

    They are already paying by providing “free” bags. SA supermarkets have met the challenge by selling robust re-usable bags. They work well for the customer and as they’re emblazoned with company logos add to the businesses advertising campaign.

    This is not “virtue signalling”*, it is direct action to help keep the environment cleaner. Do you have a problem with cleaner streets and parks?

    * A phrase as meaningless as “political correctness”, used by the Right to denigrate that which they do nit understand.

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    • adamsmith1922 permalink*
      11/08/2018 13:24

      Thanks for the comment, it was hung up in spam for some reason.
      Excellent thoughts,much appreciated. From experience in US many years ago they made and used robust brown paper bags. I applaud the objective,but can we achieve it, and improve our economy.
      Plus, just like the oil decision it’s just before Ardern goes to a major international event.Thus my virtue signalling comment.



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