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Media Watch (05/08/2018): Politics – Contest of ideas – or personality contest?


An excellent piece

RNZ Mediawatch – Colin Peacock reports

More at the link including these comments:-

Hundreds of members of New Zealand’s best-supported political party met last weekend to plan policies for a new era. But most media coverage focused on the political management of the leader, his stage-managed announcements – and those of his big rival.

However, he did not get a great reception from the media as opposed to the fanboy treatment afforded Ardern

But most in the media reckoned Simon Bridges’ thunder had been stolen by his main opponent soon after his main speech.

Jacinda Ardern “touched base” live on Facebook from her couch on Sunday with baby Neve out of shot, but not out of the frame.

Comment from the ODT was typical:-

“The baby message was incredibly clever timing and shows Ms Ardern is not just sitting at home on maternity leave. She is thinking as a political leader should, something Mr Bridges could consider trying,” the paper said last Tuesday.

Yet Peacock made this very pertinent remark

But there’s no apparent embarrassment that the news media were so easily co-opted by the PM, who used social media to cut them out of the loop. And she didn’t even have to get off the sofa to do it.

Yet again the media were manipulated by Ardern to eliminate discussion, despite the fact that she effectively said nothing, other than look at me, I have a baby, am I not great.

No wonder many people do not respect or read/watch/listen to these biased people anymore

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