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Piss off we do not want you!


From Morning Report, several clips on NZ First and their dictatorial NZ Values proposal

First we have

NZ First is one step closer to campaigning on a law that will force immigrants and refugees to sign up to a set of core Kiwi values. The remit, which passed with some opposition, was hotly debated by party supporters at the 25th annual conference in Tauranga at the weekend. If enacted the Respecting New Zealand Values Bill would require new migrants to respect gender equality, “all legal sexual preferences,” religious rights, and the legality of alcohol. Our political reporter Jo Moir was in Tauranga and spoke to party members for and against the move.

Then we have Peters

Fresh from the New Zealand First Party conference at the weekend, party leader Winston Peters discussses what New Zealand values are, and why he thinks all new migrants and refugees arriving should sign up to those values.

This old racist is well past his useby date. When Adam read this he remembered why in the early 1990s one of his best members of staff, who was a Chinese Malaysian left NZ, because of Peters xenophobia.

Then we had this:

New Zealand First members at their annual conference have voted to require migrants and refugees to sign up to rules respecting core New Zealand values. These values would include respect for gender equality, sexual preferences, freedom of religion and a commitment not to campaign against alcohol consumption. Remits passed at today’s party conference still have to be signed off by the caucus before they become party policy. Roger Melville from Wairarapa told RNZ political reporter Jo Moir that new migrants should be required to abide by New Zealand rules or go back to where they came from.

Frankly it is disgusting. It cuts across the whole idea of freedom and free speech and thought.

Yes there are real issues, but this kind of thought control is wrong. It is the slippery slope to mandating how every one must think and act. First refugees and immigrants, then other people who may have different views.

Peters and his ilk, need to be sent a strong message at the next election. Piss off we do not want you!

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