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The Living Standards Framework


Michael Reddell takes a look at what to Adam’s mind is a load of twaddle, the so called Living Standards Framework (LSF) so ardently promoted by the Ardern regime.

Michael Reddell’s post begins with this:-

The Treasury has been at work on its Living Standards Framework for some years now (since at least 2011).  When it was first dreamed up I recall remarking to various people that it seemed like preparation for a Labour/Greens government.  And so it has come to be, with the new government embracing the framework –  a substitute for actually doing anything about New Zealand’s dismal productivity record –  and talking endlessly about their forthcoming “wellbeing Budget”, plans for which must now be well underway.

Given recent pronouncements Adam is more and more convinced that this concept is a figleaf to allow governments to justify mediocre performance and excuse New Zealand’s poor productivity.

Read Mr Reddell’s post to gain a better insight to the issue.

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