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Summer’s Lease by John Mortimer (1989) #3/4- John Gielgud, Susan Fleetwood,Michael Pennington,Dennis Lill, Jeremy Kemp,Annette Crosbie,Rosemary Leach,


Based on John Mortimer’s novel which was predominantly set in Tuscany

When Molly Pargeter rents a villa in the Italian Tuscan hills, what should be a carefree holiday isn’t quite as expected. Her raffish father finagles his way along for the ride, her priggish husband is sending secret postcards to his mistress, and when Molly finds a cryptic note hidden in the villa, she begins to question the whereabouts and well-being of the villa’s owners. Nothing is quite what it seems amongst the locals and ex-pat’s… and then a body is found. It has atmosphere, landscapes, art, history, politics, intrigue, character development, a sympathetic protagonist, comedy, pathos, tragedy… what more could you want? It’s a regular little Tuscan antipasto of a mystery story! Well-filmed, well-acted, delightful.

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