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Plastic Bags: an inconvenient truth?


From Kiwiblog : An inconvenient truth, perhaps?

Thus you would expect to see a rise in disease with recycling of grocery bags. This is indeed what you see. Data mining to extract the impact of the San Francisco County ban on plastic supermarket bags, there was a 32% increase in E. Coli, 27% increase in Campylobacter, 6% increase in Salmonella, but not increase in Toxoplasmosis. Disturbingly there was a 46% increase in deaths from  foodborne diseases. 

It is well known that NZ has very high Campylobacter rates. Using readily accessible 2012 data 7031 cases were reported, which gives an 159 per 100 000 people, which is the highest in the developed world.

Another grim fact, is that for every campylobacter case reported, 9 go unreported. Thus infect rates across NZ are approximately 1% of NZ’ers get campylobacter every year!

Thus we see how emotive messages supported by a Prime Minister Ardern, but apparently unsupported by hard data, lead to stupidity and negative effects, potentially it must be said.

  1. Rog Blake permalink
    11/10/2018 23:07

    More like a convenient lie. South Australia banned single use plastic bags 15 years ago, no increase in disease as a result.

    Put it down to the stupidity of Americans, not the plastic bag ban.


    • adamsmith1922 permalink*
      12/10/2018 03:45

      Liked your response.


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