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Morning Report: Recruiting Overseas Teachers (1)


As we might have expected Morning Report had several items on the proposed plan to bring in some 1000 teachers from overseas. The number is probably incorrect, but the Ministry keeps changing the numbers.

Leaving aside that this coalition campaigned on reducing immigration which we will deal with another time.

Leaving aside the fact that we did not seem under the prior government to have these strident calls in the media and by teachers for more teachers, again we will look at that later.

Let us turn to the first segment on MR this morning:-

A British teacher who came to New Zealand to work in a secondary school is questioning the government’s drive to recruit teachers off shore to shore-up teacher numbers. The government has increased its 2019 target for recruiting overseas teachers from 400 to 900 in a bid to meet the 850 shortfall of teachers expected next year. Steve McCabe, from Britain, is the type of person the government is after. He was hired in 2009 as a physics and science teacher at a South Auckland high school but he says the experience was so depressing he moved into teaching at a polytechnic. Steve McCabe says the recruitment drive is a temporary solution and there needs to be significant changes to the teachers workloads to stop teachers burning out.

This raises a number of questions:

  • is NCEA by reliance on assessment causing workload issues?
  • does MOE require excessive paperwork?
  • what did he mean by behaviour management issues?
  • is he suggesting that some form of performance pay should be introduced?
  • he seems to be suggesting that the MOE is geared to feeding new teachers in every year and accepting a relatively high attrition rate


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