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The corruption of New Zealand politics


Michael Reddell at Croaking Cassandra has an excellent analysis of the Chinese connection to the Bridges-Ross Mess. He links it to the broader issue of just how far does China’s influence now reach into the body politic. Whilst not necessarily agreeing with all Reddell’s points he makes many very valid points, which our political leaders of all shades have signally failed to address.
Please read the entire post, it is worth it

croaking cassandra

Who knows whether Jami-Lee Ross’s allegation around the handling, and disclosure, of a donation to the National Party from one Yikun Zhang are correct or not.  One hopes time, and evidence, will tell.   Frankly, one hopes Ross is wrong, or overstating things.  But at least one observer notes that Jami-Lee Ross has previously been actively involved in such fundraising.

Him again…..the former PLA intelligence official, Chinese Communist Party member, and National MP, who admits he misrepresented his past to immigration/citizenship officials, but who is stoutly defended by successive National Party leaders, and…

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