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Taxing too far


In a rational economic sense if you believe in climate change there are valid reasons for upping petrol taxes. However,reality is different, in real life people are affected not economic constructs. Something many of our so called leaders of all ilks signally fail to recognise.


The petrol tank was around a quarter full when I stopped for more fuel.

It cost more than $100.

As I paid I said to the woman serving me, “I’m pleased this doesn’t mean I can’t buy the groceries, it must be hard for a lot of people.”

She agreed, said her children were on the minimum wage and one sometimes had to toss up between fuel for the car to get to work and food for her family.

That is now the reality for too many people.

The government can cast blame on fuel companies but it has to take some responsibility.

The extra taxes it has already introduced and the additional tax in the pipeline makes the government’s share of the price we pay at the pump too big a proportion of the total cost.

Just like tobacco tax, the extra fuel tax (and GST on top of…

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