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RNZ Mediawatch: Meltdowns, blow-ups and blowback as MP goes rogue


Mediawatch’s Colin Peacock had a good piece on the Bridges-Ross Mess.

The accompanying article had some useful links.

Explosive revelations by MP-gone rogue Jami-Lee Ross hogged headlines and preoccupied political reporting all week. The volume of coverage and comment obscured reporting of some of the significant parts of the saga – including issues for the media.

That was indeed the case, with wall to wall coverage in the main news media. To the exclusion of much else which was deserving of coverage.

One topic raised, but perhaps not dealt with in as much depth as Adam would have liked was the role elements in the media have played in this. Though there was perhaps an inference of concern in the comment discussed below.

Colin Peacock noted that leaking took place again last Monday morning when:-

Simon Bridges was confronted with fresh leaks of internal polling and misreported political donations.

Again the leaks went to Newshub – this time ahead of Mr Bridges’ weekly interview with Duncan Garner on the AM Show

“Get the popcorn. The knives are out,” said the excited host.

Within two hours of Simon Bridges identifying Jami-Lee Ross as the travel expenses leaker, Newshub was asking its online audience: “If it was up to you, who would lead National into the next election? Cast your vote below, and help Mr Bridges know who to watch out for.”

And that was before Mr Ross’s first secret recording was released

It is appropriate to ask just what part Newshub personnel have played in facilitating Ross’s attacks on Bridges. Both Garner and Tova O’Brien, Newshub’s Political Editor, seem to have been on an active campaign aginst Bridges for sometime.

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