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CSIS: Self Censorship Among China Hands – Myth & Reality


The matters discussed in this video, mesh with the topics covered in this post and the Anne-Marie Brady Q&A interview


There is a view in some circles that many of America’s China hands engage in self-censorship—modifying their research, changing their conclusions, and avoiding speaking up on sensitive current issues—in order to remain in good standing in China. Others strenuously disagree. This debate has occurred with only anecdotal evidence and personal testimonials—until now. Sheena Chestnut Greitens (University of Missouri) and Rory Truex (Princeton University) will present the findings from the first large-scale survey of China experts about their research experience and interactions with Chinese authorities. The results confound simple characterization and suggest the need to broaden the conversation beyond the behavior of individual scholars. Following presentation of the results, the Freeman Chair’s Scott Kennedy will moderate a roundtable discussion featuring the paper’s authors as well as Sophie Richardson (Human Rights Watch), Isaac Stone Fish (Asia Society), and Yun Sun (Stimson Center). They will interpret the survey results as well as discuss the implications for the American academic community and U.S.-China relations.

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