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Supermarket Pricing – What is going on?


There is someting very wrong with the position in NZ regarding food pricing?

Whilst it might seem that there are several brands this is not the case. Furthermore the so called independents, in the main their suppliers are owned by the two big chains. Therefore retail prices are effectively dictated by the two big chains.

This morning Adam was in a local Value Superstore, effectively associated with Countdown – a container of Keri Tomato Juice was $2.49, in New World yesterday it was $3.19. a cider in New World was $8.99 in Value $10.99. In pak n’ Svae recently, a part of the Foosatuffs group as is New World the Keri Tomato Juice was $2.89.

On Saturday, in the RiverbankMarket in Lower Hutt Adam paid prices very significantly cheaper than supermarket prices. Yes, this can be explained by overheads, convenience etc, but when it comes to processed goods why do we see this divergence. Even within a store you can find wide variances in price on very similar products.

What is going on?



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