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Well, nothing changes does it or has it?


Remember a few days ago Trump was talking about wishing to take a softer tone, though insinuating he was forced not to. Another palpable lie. However, his wish if it ever was one didn’t last

He took his usual obnoxious line when challenged over his assertions over the migrant caravan in a press conference, a very rare event these days, in the White House.

Here is a clip showing the testy exchange between Trump and Acosta

Here is Acosta’s later comment:

Then a later development

It seems from what has been shown, that the White House has used a trumped up reason to deny Acosta access as he regularly asks Trump questions which Trump either won’t answer, can’t or raises issues that challenge Trump’s version of events.

Trump seems to be emboldened by the Midterms to ramp up his demonisation of the media.

Is this because he’s worried about Mueller and/or a Democrat controlled House of Representatives?

Is because he thinks he can ride roughshod over the Constitution, especially the 1st Amendment?

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