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The Atlantic: Midterms in the wake of political violence


From The Atlantica podcast looking at the prospects for the Midterms. This was issued prior to the recent elections on Nov 6.

The upcoming midterms mark the first nationwide referendum on the Trump presidency and the GOP-led Congress. Coming amid a shocking spree of political violence and an ugly showdown over voting rights, Tuesday’s election will have massive ramifications. What conclusions can we draw from the vote?


– “The Jews of Pittsburgh Bury Their Dead” (Emma Green, October 30, 2018)
– “Trump Shut Programs to Counter Violent Extremism” (Peter Beinart, October 29, 2018)
– “Trump’s Caravan Hysteria Led to This” (Adam Serwer, October 28, 2018)
– “A Broken Jewish Community” (Emma Green, October 28, 2018)
– “Voter Suppression Is the New Old Normal” (Vann R. Newkirk II, October 24, 2018)
– “The 2018 Midterms Are All About Trump” (Ronald Brownstein, October 18, 2018)

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