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The degradation of language and the dumbing down of thought


Previously Adam has written posts on the degradation of language, see for example and from PM Ardern here, and Ardern again here.

Then of course we have the recent example of the NCEA History Exam covered in Adam’s posts here and here.

The dumbing down of language leads to an inability of people to express themselves and thus to promulgate ideas and concepts. In turn that is, in Adam’s mind a pathway tothe erosion of basic freedoms.

Just imagine if Shakespeare, Coleraide, Keats, T.S Eliot or Evelyn Waugh to name avery few had been so bereft of vocabulary. In moden times we are indebted to the likes of Armando Ianucci for a word such as omnishamles.

Contemplate, for a few moments, how someone likee Einstein might have found it extremely difficult to explain what the Theory of Relatvity was, with what seems an accepatble vocabulary in NZ today.

Eric Cramption has an excellent and rather sardonic take on the use of trivial in this post.

It is perhaps a sign of the times that today’s youth are more likely to be able to define ‘intersectionality rather than comprehend a simple word such as trivial.

Finally, Adam leaves you with this clip, which shows where this can lead:-

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