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Gresham College: Prof. Carolyn Roberts – Environmental Controversies – #5 – Is Green Business A Contradiction In Terms?


Initially, Adam was lukewarm about Professor Robert’s lectures, but he was wrong.

About this series

Professor Roberts’s last series will tackle controversies such as fake news, alternative facts and our ‘post truth society’ – looking at the Thames, flooding, national parks, organic food and eco-cities.

About this lecture

Posters in shops and on trucks shout ‘carbon neutral business’, and more organisations are boasting of reducing their environmental impact by using environmentally-friendly, responsibly sourced materials. And yet we also have diesel car emission frauds, the hoax of ‘degradable’ plastic, and a fashion industry that claims to be sustainable whilst suggesting that we buy new clothes each season. 

There are green marketing scams, and dubious data being deployed to benefit shareholders. Are global businesses now leading politicians in moving towards more sustainable practice or is this an example of a ‘post-truth’ society?

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