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Gresham College: Prof. Carolyn Roberts – Environmental Controversies – #6 –


Initially, Adam was lukewarm about Professor Robert’s lectures, but he was wrong.

This is the last of Professor Robert’s lecture series. However, they have been very informative.

About this series

Professor Roberts’s last series will tackle controversies such as fake news, alternative facts and our ‘post truth society’ – looking at the Thames, flooding, national parks, organic food and eco-cities.

About this lecture

In the last ten years, the UK has been devastated by floods that have caused enormous physical and economic damage, seriously affecting the mental health of local residents. Media coverage has included allegations about the incompetence of scientists, weather forecasters, planners, builders and water companies. 

Conspiracy theories, fake news and alternative facts proliferate, and wellington-booted politicians often appear insincere. Can the scientific evidence about causes of recent floods dispel some of the myths about our ability to control the rising waters?

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