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One in five Kiwi kids still live without access to food


This is a totally misleading headline and if the reported comments are true then the Childrens Commissioner has lost the plot.


If 1 in 5 children do not have access to  food where are the reports of:

  • malnutrition
  • the lines of starving children looking for food
  • marauding scavenging packs of desperate children
  • medical professionals protesting
  • teachers rioting
  • funerals on a daily basis of the deprived
  • rickets, etc, etc

Yes, there is poverty, there is deprivation – but 1 in 5 lack access to food – not valid – without demonstrable, validated proof

BTW, this will not be a new issue, unless Beecroft means to suggest that under Jacinda Ardern, who regularly claims the eradication of child poverty is her raison d’etre for being in politics,child poverty has rapidly accelerated.

Given that NZ media have sought every opportunity to run down National and promote Labour, this issue would have surfaced much earlier.

Therefore, Adam suggests this is emotive rhetoric

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