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Pacific nurses say pathway to practise too hard


From RNZ Nine To Noon an item on the barriers to Pasifka nurses in NZ

There appears to be a problem, but the headline seems to suggest standards should be diluted

She said Pasifika nurses – trained in their home countries – had to pass an expensive, stringent English language test, which many failed, and a bridging course would be far more appropriate.

“These nurses are trained back in the islands and if they choose to move here, migrating here, they have to sit this … English language test, which is very expensive and you can understand when they move here, they have to earn a living and pay for the family’s welfare,” Mrs Finau said.

This impression is amplified by this comment:

Even after weeks of classes in the evenings and weekends – and despite English classes in their home countries before moving to New Zealand – nurses could not pass the English test, she said.

“For us, that’s a real problem for our pacific nurses.”

She had sat through the training given to nurses and said: “Honestly, I think if I had to sit [the test] I would not pass.”

The test was not appropriate for Pasifika nurses as it did not reflect their clinical output or account for their work and reporting skills, she said.


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