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RNZ: Anne Marie Brady – Ardern does something, or does she?


From RNZ we have this article

International academics have criticised the New Zealand government over its reaction to the alleged targeting of Canterbury University professor Anne-Marie Brady. MORE AT LINK

Then RNZ reports Ms Ardern has told the Police Minister to tell the NZ Police to make every effort

Professor Anne-Marie Brady claimed her office had been broken into twice, her house burgled and her car tampered with since publishing a paper on the influence of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) last year.

An open letter with 169 signatures from overseas academics, journalists and politicians was published on the Czech website Sinopsis on Thursday morning.

The letter states: “We, the undersigned concerned scholars and others with an interest in China, have been alarmed and appalled by the recent wave of intimidation directed against our colleague, Professor Anne-Marie Brady.”

It said the New Zealand government had failed to acknowledge a problem existed and was refusing to provide police protection for Prof Brady.

Jacinda Ardern told reporters the government had to be mindful of police independence, but she would ask Police Minister Stuart Nash to follow up on the case.MORE AT LINK

Given much of the coverage re this issue, and in many ways the studied indifference of the government until Ardern looked bad , perhaps Adam might be forgiven for thinking there is some deflection taking place.

Yet there is still a reluctance to confront reality.

In many respects that simple sentence sums up Ardern, she has a major issue with reality.

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