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University of Edinburgh – Our Changing World: Roy Greenslade – can journalism survive the death of newspapers?


Given the post on the blog of the other day regarding Duncan Greive’s series on NZ print media, coming across this lecture was fortuitous

Roy Greenslade presents the University of Edinburgh’s 2018 Enlightenment Lecture: Can journalism survive the death of newspapers? Recorded on Tuesday 21st November 2017.

Roy Greenslade is Professor of Journalism at City University London and has been a media commentator since 1992, notably for The Guardian.

Abstract: Newspapers across Britain (and elsewhere in the developed world) are closing by the month. Those that survive are cutting back on editorial staff, so the journalistic community is diminishing fast. Although newspaper company online platforms are racking up big numbers of readers, the newspaper business model, which depends on advertising revenue, has been wrecked. Newsprint pounds have been replaced by digital pennies. So the future looks bleak.

Hoped-for replacements, whether they be hyperlocal start-ups or centralised national outlets, have not yet built sufficient audiences and/or income to fund journalism. We are facing an existential crisis.

Anxious newspaper publishers are calling for help from the behemoths of Silicon Valley, such as Google and Facebook, to help sustain journalism. They argue that these digital giants are guilty of stealing their employees’ work; the news, comment and analysis originated by newspaper journalists. Will they help? Should they help? And will they act fast enough to save journalism? Does the future of the world’s leading search engine (Google) and the world’s leading social media platform (Facebook) depend on rescuing old media?








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