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BBC Radio: Dr. Finlay The Further Adventures of a Black Bag by A. J. Cronin



From 1970 until 1978, episodes from Dr. Finlay’s Casebook were broadcast on BBC Radio 4 with some of the same actors from the television programme. Twenty episodes were broadcast on BBC 7 in the autumn of 2003 and have been repeated annually since. In 2001 and 2002, BBC Radio 4 broadcast a version of the original Cronin stories using the titles, The Adventures of a Black Bag and Doctor Finlay – Further Adventures of a Black Bag; these have been rebroadcast by BBC 7. The adaptations are set in Levenford, the original setting chosen by Cronin, rather than Tannochbrae. The role of Dr. Finlay was played by John Gordon Sinclair. Dr. Cameron was played by Brian Pettifer, and Janet was played initially by Katy Murphy, and then by Celia ImrieDavid Tennant was a frequent guest actor.

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