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Trump Said: A new nadir in his rants against immigrants and the Democrats


Just when you think Trump can sink no lower, this CNN clip sets the scene

Then the truly monstrous tweets

Trump caused this,

Plus this at Washington Post by Karen Tumulty

With President Trump, there is no bottom. Every time you think you have seen it, he manages to sink even lower.

It is not news that the president is indifferent to human suffering. His limp response to the devastation of the 2017 hurricane in Puerto Rico — which he claimed to have been a “fantastic job” on the part of his administration — stands out in that regard. But on Saturday, we saw yet another level of depravity when Trump made his first comments regarding the deaths in recent days of two migrant Guatemalan children after they were apprehended by federal authorities. It revealed not only callousness but also opportunism, as he sought to turn this tragedy into a partisan advantage in his current standoff with Democrats over the government shutdown.

Read the rest of Ms Tumulty’s article at the link above.

Ms Tumulty finishes her article with this comment:

we have a president who is willing to politicize the deaths of two young children to score points against the opposition party. And the most shocking thing about seeing him scrape along a new moral bottom is this: It is no longer shocking at all.

That is both true and very depressing.

Adam writes this as someone who worked for many years with many Americans of varying ethncities and political persuasions, in so far as he was aware, but the current situation in the US resembles, based on Adam’s historical analysis, that before the English Civil War, where there was a tyrannical monarch, a rebellious House of Commons and a divided House of Lords.

We all know how that ended.

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