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Laurel and Hardy: Hats Off



There are few film stars who are genuinely loved by their audiences, but back in the days of the silent movie, a comedy duo enjoyed that from the very beginning. Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy, with their gentle mixture of slapstick and technical skill, brought laughter to millions through the 20th Century and are still continuing to generate laughter to this very day. Yet, like so many of the truly great Kings of Comedy, Laurel and Hardy often found it difficult to find laughter, peace, and contentment in their own lives and the story of the men behind the carefully constructed masks is both enlightening and entertaining. This program is a delightful celebration of the magic of Laurel and Hardy and a rare glimpse into the private lives of these two enigmatic men. From their earliest beginnings through to their final curtain calls, enjoy getting up close and personal with Stan and Ollie. It’s a relationship that started as a business arrangement and blossomed into one of the truest friendships Hollywood has ever known. Whether you’re young or simply young at heart, enjoy stepping back in time to discover the true story of Laurel and Hardy where fact will prove equally as fascinating as fiction.

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