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Simple Pleasures: Sunday in Lower Hutt + Scallops, Butter Sauce and excellent bacon


Today was a another day for flavour and hopefully Adam bettered his prior effort.

A few days ago in reviewing the contents of our fridge’s freezer compartment we came across a packet of scallops. It was time for them to be made use of. From the butcher Adam referred to previously, today we used some of their own bacon which they cure on the premises . ( The butchery is Hardy Street Meats)

Today Adam went the following route:

1 Heat butter with in a pan – today Adam added a fortified wine, eg marsala or sherry or cider – today a slug of marsala

2 Take bacon and place in a separate pan, for added flavour Adam used the pan from yesterday with remaining black sausage flavours. Cook bacon, set aside and keep warm. Today, Adam used a lean middle cut bacon.

2 Put scallops in the butter and marsala, cook briefly, add a good slug of cream, we used Zany Zeus organic, flip scallops over, finish cooking

4 Serve and enjoy

If you want just adapt freely to preference and taste

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