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It’s not ice cream without cream


Another example of how language is degraded


Magnum has launched a vegan alternative to ice cream:

This February, Magnum launches its first ever vegan ice cream; Magnum Dairy Free.

Expertly crafted for 100% pleasure, Magnum Dairy Free combines smooth velvety vanilla ice cream and thick cracking chocolate, providing Magnum’s signature cracking experience but all in a new vegan format.

As indulgent as it is innovative, the new recipe is uncompromising on taste, using only the highest quality plant-based ingredients and is certified by the Vegan Association. . . 

Indulgent it might be but ice cream it isn’t.

Australia New Zealand food standards state:

2.5.6—2               Definitions

Note           In this Code (see section 1.1.2—3):

                                      ice cream means a sweet frozen food that is made from cream or milk products or both, and other foods, and is generally aerated.

2.5.6—3               Requirement for food sold as ice cream

                            A food that is sold as ‘ice cream’…

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