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Trump and Ardern – two sides of the same coin


Now Adam freely admits that he detests both Trump and Ardern. It might be fair to say that Adam has fallen victim to both Trump Derangement Syndrome and Ardern Displacement Disorder. He accepts that assessment proudly.

Aspects of this argument have been made in earlier posts, but the start of a New Year seemed to make it a no brainer to have another look.

Whilst the baying claques of Trump and Ardern supporters will no doubt disagree there are some remarkable similarities between Trump and Ardern

  1. Both of them have a singular focus on themselves and how they appear in the media.
  2. Both have their ‘go to media’ – Fox News and Rush Limburgh for Trump, the women’s magazines, Tova O’Brien and The Guardian for Ardern
  3. Both have incompetent ministers e.g. Pruitt, Zinke, for Trump and Twyford, Davis for Ardern all come to mind
  4. Both apparently contact media directly when unhappy with their media coverage
  5. Both make decisions based on what plays to their ‘base’ – e.g. Trump and ‘the Wall’, Ardern on oil & gas exploration
  6. Both are volatile and seem to make decisions based on no rational analysis
  7. Both are given to grandstanding for example Trump with #MAGA and Ardern with ‘ending child poverty’
  8. Both are extremely economical with the truth contrary to their public statements, viz:-  Trump’s interview with ABC’s Jon Karl on 31 October 2018 and this from Jacinda Ardern (as an example) – but their so called bases do not see the reality
  9. Both do not recognise conflicts of interest
  10. Both have sought to politicise law enforcement
  11. Both appoint their lackeys or enablers of their lackeys to government positions
  12. Both ignore science and reality
  13. Both have over mighty satraps – Trump has McConnell, Ardern has Peters.
  14. Both wanted to restrict immigration – both have not
  15. And on a note of levity, both have appalling hair

Once, Adam has reflected he will no doubt add to this list.


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