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The Late,Late Movie: Jack the Ripper (1988) – Michael Caine


Jack the Ripper is a 1988 British television film drama based on the notorious Jack the Ripper murder spree in Victorian London. The film was produced to coincide with the 100th anniversary of the Whitechapel murders, and was originally screened on British television in two 90-minute episodes, broadcast on consecutive evenings, in October 1988, to coincide with the dates of some of the original events, advertising itself in advance as a solution to the century old mystery of the murderer’s identity using newly discovered original evidence. The broadcasts were a cause célèbre in British television production in the late 1980s, and gained high audience viewing figures with critical recognition as an example of innovative populist television dramatic production. Stars: Michael Caine, Lewis Collins, Armand Assante, Ray McAnally.

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