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More empty rhetoric, bad history, and absent analysis


An excellent post by Michael Reddell and a good antidote for the rubbish being peddled by Ardern and her cohorts of media luvvies

croaking cassandra

There was an op-ed in the Financial Times yesterday that had all the appearances of being written by a fluent sixth former who wasn’t that smart and certainly wasn’t that deep.  But I guess we have to take the FT’s word that the column was in fact written by New Zealand’s Prime Minister, Jacinda Ardern.  It read like several of her other efforts (eg here) if with a bit less feel-goodism than some, and a bit more of just making things up.

Since the column is behind a paywall, I won’t be copying chunks of it directly into this post, but even if you don’t have access I hope you get the gist.

She starts with the claim that New Zealand is “tiny”, apparently oblivious to the fact that in the United Nations list of countries and territories there are 100 with populations less than four million.  But that…

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