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Expert feature – The New Zealand Space Agency


The headline at RNZ, shown above hooked Adam – the NZ Space Agency. Wow!

Little old NZ, going boldly where no small country has gone before!

Well, not exactly the case as reading the segment slug made clear

There’s a lot of space in the news. Billionaires Elon Musk, Richard Branson and Jeff Bezos are all bankrolling commercial rocket ventures. The Chinese recently put a probe on the far side of the moon. And New Zealand has its own stake in space with Rocket Lab. Is this a new Space Age?

One man with some of the answers, is Peter Crabtree, head of the New Zealand Space Agency, who joins us to explain a bit about the weird, wonderful world beyond our atmosphere.

However, the item was actually worth listening to and made a change, from Trump, Ardern, Brexit and the rest of the crap in the news.

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