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Even Blind Freddy could see what Ardern and Peters refuse to recognise


Peter Wilson in his weekly column on the RNZ website looks at the NZ – China issue.

He opens with:-

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern insists New Zealand’s relationship with China hasn’t deteriorated under her watch and her foreign minister, Winston Peters, describes it as “excellent”.

Ardern and Peters are clearly being either economical with the truth or demonstrating their incompetence. If they believe what they are saying then they are incompetent, criminally incompetent.

Wilson notes comments by Paul Buchanan

Security analyst Paul Buchanan thinks the GCSB’s move was significant.

“In particular, I would imagine it is the GCSB decision to advise against using Huawei equipment for the 5G rollout that has them most unhappy,” he said.

Wilson reports  as well

There are reasons for China to feel aggrieved. No evidence has been produced that Huawei’s equipment is used for spying and it is already here in existing networks.

Britain’s security agencies are reported to use it, apparently without concern.

And opinions have been voiced that the US pressured New Zealand into rejecting Spark’s proposal to use Huawei’s equipment as a protective measure against American tech companies.

Huawei is considered by many to have the technical edge over American equipment makers and they are cheaper.

Plus of course we have the series of decisions made by Ardern and Peters which the Chinese might well see as inimical to their interests

Peters has a long record of negative remarks and attitudes to China.

Then we have Ardern, who made this unbelievably stupid remark

National’s leader, Simon Bridges, put a straight question to Ms Ardern: had the relationship deteriorated under her watch?

And he got a straight answer: “No

The degree of naivety, nay incompetence revealed in that remark was breathtaking. As Wilson concluded

Ms Ardern and Mr Peters will very likely continue to deny there’s a problem with China, confident it won’t do or say anything that can be unquestionably linked to New Zealand’s actions.

That isn’t the way China does things. It uses other ways to get its message “watch your step, New Zealand,” across.


Ardern and Peters have shown themselves to be totally out of touch with reality.

Or to put it in the vernacular even Blind Freddy knows there is a problem. Ardern and Peters are seeking to ignore a major problem of their own making and trying to foll the rest of us into entering their parallel universe.



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