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Fran O’Sullivan: Too much left unsaid as Jacinda Ardern faces business – #2/7 in a series – Does Ardern have a clue?


This post refers to an article from NZ Herald, Fran O’Sullivan takes a look at the nonsense Jacinda Ardern spouted on Friday, last week, to a business audience. (This speech can be read here, and Michael Reddell’s excellent post here)

This is the #2 post in a series on the article. #1 can be found here

At the breakfast, Ardern told her Labour Cabinet colleagues to “put your hands up” so business people could buttonhole them later.

Does that mean Ardern recognises that her Ministers have made no cut through, if they need to identify themselves?

Or does it mean that the Ministers are not listening to business representatives?

Just which Minsters attended this breakfast?

A statement such as this by Ardern is mindbogglingly stupid. It raises yet again the question – does she know what she is doing?

Adam suspects that Ardern has no clue


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