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Media v Bridges


An extremely interesting post by Pete George at his blog ‘Your NZ’, Adam would have reblogged it but for whatever reason he does not allow that.

Your NZ typically carries some excellent analysis, so this post is commended to you.

A taster

Media activists versus Bridges

Everyone can see that Simon Bridges has been struggling to impress as National’s leader. Many have said so, and not just those who wish that any National leader and their party will struggle.

It’s the media’s job to report what they see.But it shouldn’t be the media’s job (or rather some who are presented as political journalists) to try to get any leader dumped, or to try to promote an alternative leader.

However this is what seems to be happening. And to an extent the media have the power to make it happen.

This does not mean that Adam agrees with his views, but that they are worth looking at.

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