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More on Golriz Ghahraman and the Greens attempt to subvert the electoral system


The Bish calls out Golriz Ghahraman for her, to be charitable ‘misinformation’

because she fails to mention this salient fact, which Andrew Geddis previously pointed out

but then NZ Greens, especially Ms Ghahraman , like many NZ Greens seems to have a rather remote association with facts, truth and fairness. Some of them do not appear to appreciate the concept of democracy either, as Geddis points out in 2 referenda the 5% threshold has been endorsed by the electorate.

An interesting fact is that many NZ Green MPs immediately claim any opponent of their views seeks to politicise the issue, as if only the NZ Greens can ever be right.

There are many reasons to despise the NZ Greens, but their sanctimony and hypocrisy lead the pack, closely followed by their many examples of economy with the truth.

Sadly NZ Media prefer to do puff pieces with Ardern or blatant politicking for CGT and Phil Goff than hold Labour, Greens and NZ First to account.

No they would rather run shoddy hit jobs on National Take a bow TVNZ.

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