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Sloppy Journalism -#2 – take a bow One News


A few years ago, Adam ran an occasional series under the title Sloppy Journalism. For reasons he can’t remember he ceased the series, although on many occasions he has been critical of various articles by the members of the much vaunted Fourth Estate.

For the second entry in this revival we have an article from  One News from TVNZ. This item was not just sloppy it was nasty as well

Here is a link to the video and the related article at the TVNZ website.

The video was trailed beforehand by promos which implied John Key was ripping off the taxpayer. The video actually was more balanced than the promos, though the vox pops seemed rather slanted. The website article was clearly focused on attacking National with the focus on Key and English; plus Bolger and Shipley, with no mention of Clark’s spend or several former Governors General.

It was poor journalism and one is left to wonder why this appeared amongst the major news items last night.

One response was this on Twitter:


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