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The smell of sanctimony and hypocrisy in the morning


Michael Jackson music dropped in NZ, from Morning Report

New Zealand radio stations are dropping Michael Jackson’s music in the wake of new allegations of chld abuse against the singer. NZME and Mediaworks are dropping the king of pop from their playlists following claims made in the new HBO documentary ‘Leaving Neverland’ – but the Jackson family is furiously denying the claims. Marty Duda is a music reviewer on RNZ National and speaks to Gyles Beckford.

Adam’s view:

  • Jackson’s music is to Adam’s mind much over rated and not a genre Adam is enamored of
  • Jackson may have been a paedophile, but those allegations have been around for years, the current furore reflects the hysteria engendered by Twitter mobs and media nonsense – this is not to condone anything Jackson did or did not do, but the current hysteria has a huge whiff of sanctimonious hypocrisy
  • many past and indeed present notables were despicable people, if we eradicate their achievements we eradicate our history, for example
    • JFK, serial adulterer, but revered as a beacon of freedom,
    • Nixon, a dark genius, who made huge foreign policy gains for the USA
    • FDR, who lied about his health and was again an adulterer
    • Churchill, in many ways a dreadful person but was a charismatic war leader,
    • Mother Theresa, seen as a saint, but apparently a very flawed person
    • Samuel Taylor Coleridge, gifted poet and drug addict
    • Lewis Carroll, author of classic stories but suspected paedophile
    • Henry VIII, major influence on British life, but a despot

Therefore we need to apply commonsense and avoid the mob tyranny we see everywhere in today’s world.

The key issue here is not what Michael Jackson was or was not, but the oppression of free speech and freedom of thought by the perennially offended who are constantly seeking new targets.

An interesting fact is that we rarely, if ever, see this mob descend on for example ISIS, Muslim barbaric practices, FGM, Muslim homophobia, antisemitism, religious fundementalism eg racist Christian Churches, etc etc

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