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Left wing nut jobs attempt politicisation of Christchurch tragedy


As noted earlier it is not just right wing nut jobs there are just as deluded people on the left, as this tweet attempts to smear National in respect of the Christchurch Shooting

Plus this as well

Blatantly untrue as the UN Migration Pact, signed by Winston Peters in December 2018 was not a factor in the shooter’s focus, as he had been planning the attack for many months, this was an example of an attempted left wing smear

There was this example as well

There are many others, ignoring fact as well.

Winston Peters DPM of NZ has built much of his barnd on racism, xenophobia and prejudice.

Ardern campaigned on a reduce immigration platform and some in her party openly targeted Chinese immigrants.

To blame National and Bridges is absurd.

Let us not forget the Greens racist and anti-Israel co-leader Marama Davidson.

Both left and right are culpable.

Unfortunately, stupidity is widespread.

However, one of the interesting factors in the items above is how the writers seek to vilify Bridges and National, but totally ignore NZ First, Greens and Labour.

Now there may well be other tweets which are different, but frankly Adam gave up, as this was enough Twitter crap for one day.


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