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Washington Post: Post Reports Podcast for 15 March 2019 – How the New Zealand mosque shootings moved across social media +Brexit Update + ‘free’ tax-prep services


Rod Emmerson – NZ Herald

“To the people who did this – you may have chosen us, but we utterly reject and condemn you.” PM Ardern

Hamza Shaban on how YouTube, Facebook and Twitter failed to stop the spread of a violent video from the Christchurch mosque shootings. William Booth with an update on Brexit. And Geoffrey Fowler on the costs of “free” tax-prep services.

In this episode

How YouTube, Facebook and Twitter handle violent content
On Friday, at least 49 people were killed and dozens more injured in shootings at two mosques in New Zealand. The violence was documented on social media — first streamed live on Facebook and later disseminated to other platforms, along with the hate-filled ideology that apparently spawned it. Hamza Shaban takes a close look at the technology that enabled the broadcasting of the mass murder.
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What’s the deal with Brexit?
On Thursday, lawmakers voted to delay Britain’s exit from the European Union, following Parliament’s numerous rejections of Prime Minister Theresa May’s Brexit plans. The deadline for Brexit to take effect is March 29. The Post’s London bureau chief, William Booth, reports on the Brexit hold-up and what could happen next.
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Why free tax-prep services aren’t so free
Companies such as Credit Karma offer free services that prep users’ tax forms, but it comes at the cost of the private data in customers’ returns. Tech columnist Geoffrey Fowler explores how such sites use income data gleaned from tax forms to advertise other services.
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