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Ardern oozes empathy, but there are elements of hypocrisy in it all


Jacinda Ardern oozes empathy post the Christchurch massacre


Christchurch terror attack: Jacinda Ardern praised for being 'compassionate leader' | Newshub

but by her side is Deputy Prime Minister Winston Peters who has built his political brand on immigrant bashing and xenophobia. Here he was in 2005

Prominent New Zealand politician Winston Peters has attacked the country’s Muslim community, saying it has a militant underbelly that could strike at any time.

Mr Peters is well-known for criticising immigrants.

He says the Muslim community puts on a moderate face in public while hiding its fundamentalist agenda behind mosque doors.

“These groups are like mythical hydra serpent underbelly with multiple heads capable of striking at any time and in any direction,” Mr Peters said.

Mr Peters believes New Zealanders are naive to think something like the London attacks could not happen there and only have to look in their back yard to find Islamic extremists.

“Such pockets of discontent are what led to the London and other bombings and it now seems they are here.”

The comments were condemned by then PM Helen Clark, but a few months later Clark welcomed Peters into her government as Foreign Minister.

In 2017 Ardern became PM only because of Peters vendetta against the National Party.

Ardern’s party campaigned on severely reducing immigration. Ardern’s Housing Minister Phil Twyford actively promoted anti Chinese feeling with specious nonsense about people with Chinese names buying property and once Ardern came into Government she put in place anti foreigner legislation in the property sector.

Her government is given confidence and supply as well be the Green Party. Their co-leader Marama Davidson is a hard left politician who seems to be openly racist in much of her public comments.

Therefore, it seems to Adam that Ardern needs to do a lot more to put the feeling that much of the current empathy is a figleaf for elements in her government that foment division and hate.

The reality is that there is a lot of racism and xenophobia in NZ. We just have a tendency to sweep it under the carpet, but it is there. More on this another time.

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