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Sloppy Journalism – #4 – This rubbish is another example of unquestioning media fandom for Ardern and hatred of Trump and men


Adam does not like Ardern, he makes no apologies for this.

However, in the wake of the Christchurch Shooting she has performed quite well.

In recent days, the paeans of praise for her in the media are becoming rather overblown and disproportionate, probably because she is not Trump and both Macron and Trudeau have recently fallen from grace.

This piece of rubbish is from Sydney Morning Herald from someone called Jamila Rizvi

To be fair other similar pieces have appeared in other media as well.

Donald Trump telephoned a grieving Jacinda Ardern in the aftermath of New Zealand’s largest ever mass murder.

The US President asked what the United States could do and received an answer he can’t have been expecting. “Sympathy and love for all Muslim communities,” the Prime Minister told him.

This reveals the anti Trump agenda. Please note, Adam detests Trump and does not agree with any of Trump’s positions.

Ardern has been widely praised as doing a magnificent job in a situation no national leader should have to face.

In response to unimaginable horror, she is deliberately employing language of empathy not hate. She has chosen a message of togetherness instead of reaching for the easy, crude politics of division that have worked so effectively, and for so many, in the past.

Ardern does empathy very well, it is her stock in trade, but if you look further there is no substance behind the oozing of sympathy.

The traditional script for a world leader reacting to a terrorist attack on home soil is one of power and retribution. To prosecute an “us and them” case. By way of example, you might recall that US President George Bush wanted to “find out who did this and kick their a..” in the wake of 9/11. He later declared that Osama Bin Laden would be taken “dead or alive”.

This is crap  and totally wrong. At the time of 9/11 the originator of the attack was unknown. This is not an apples with apples comparison

This led Adam to suspect that this piece was much more concerned with putting forward a particular attitude and perspective than dealing in reality

The writer goes on

We tend to understand leadership as being about position and power. Usually delivered through aggressively worded speeches, laden with commanding rhetoric and these days, uncompromising three-word slogans.

Complexity can’t be reduced to a sound bite and so issues are framed as black or white and people as good or bad. There is no room for the shades of grey, when our public debate is conducted in 240 characters.

Again we see the Ardern good, Trump bad meme

Traditionally masculine leadership remains what is expected, and it is why women leaders can never seem to win. They can either meet the expectations placed on them as leaders, or the expectations that come with their gender. Society considers the two as incompatible and women get slammed whatever path they choose.

BS – remember Golda Meir, Margaret Thatcher, Benazir Bhutto all of whom were strong leaders.

A new model that allows leaders – women or men – to pursue their personally preferred approach is well overdue. A model that says gender norms are a historical relic best left to the past. Jacinda Ardern is providing exactly that model of leadership. It’s something that Australian – and indeed global – politics could use more of.

Again with the gender nonsense

Then this piece of rubbish finished with this

This week the world watched as a woman, new mother and Prime Minister demonstrated typically “feminine” behaviour – and proved just how powerful it can be.

Absolute tosh, Ardern behaved like a normal human being – gender, motherhood and feminine behaviour had nothing to do with it. Furthermore, she only did what people expect their political leaders to do in such cases.

Sloppy journalism of the worst kind, cloaked in hagiography and prejudice against men.

Furthermore let us not forget that Ardern is in office by the actions of a racist, her own party has fomented racial dissension and the co-leader of her support party the Greens is also a racist. See this earlier post.

This media idol has feet of clay


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