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Classic Crime: The Vice – S03 E01- Out of Mind


Series 2 appears to be blocked.

Music on this episode is blanked, but otherwise audio is OK

About the episode

When Chappel’s former boss Frank Vickers is found lurking in the basement during a raid on a Soho brothel, it soon transpires that Chappel has a more-than-shady past involving a former prostitute, Jane, with whom he fell in love. Vickers is determined to stop at nothing to clear his name, and Chappel’s life looks set to be blown apart when Vickers reveals some very sordid secrets to his colleagues in Vice. Chappel goes in search of Jane, and discovers that one of her friends, whom he was friendly with, disappeared some years previously and has never been found. When Chappel finds the body in the basement of the brothel, he becomes determined to prove Vickers’ involvement in her death.




The Vice is an ITV police drama about the Metropolitan Police Vice Unit, which ran for five series of varying lengths between 1999 and 2003. The main cast included Ken Stott, Caroline Catz and David Harewood, as well as Rosie Marcel, Marc Warren and Tim Pigott-Smith. The show experimented with different formats, two series of two-part, one-hour episodes; two series of ninety-minute episodes, and then a final series of self-contained one-hour episodes. The Portishead track “Sour Times” was used as the theme music to the show.

“Hooked”, although often referred to as the first episode of series five, and broadcast in 2003 prior to the broadcast of series five, was officially classified as the last episode of series four as it featured the last appearance of Pat Chappel, and was filmed during the filming block of series four. It was also the last episode to be ninety-minutes long, before the transfer to one-hour episodes, and it was also the last time that the original title card and sequence were used.

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