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Intolerance: #1 – Roman Catholic Church in Gisborne vandalised


Yesterday I put up a post on a new series of posts Intolerance

My intent was to probably post something over the weekend.

However, when I turned on the computer I found these tweets.

And subsequently

Davidson, the Greens NZ co-leader, who is mentioned by Juliet Moses frequently criticises white people in particular and goes on about racism and hate speech.

Yesterday, Golriz Ghahraman another Green MP said this in Parliament:

The truth is, also, that we as politicians bear a little bit of the responsibility. There sit among us those who for years have fanned the flames of division, who have blamed migrants for the housing crisis. There sit among us those who have fanned the hysteria around the UN Global Compact for Migration. Those words were written on the butt of his gun, the gun that killed little Mucad. We have pandered to gratuitous racism by shock jocks to raise our profile. None of us are directly responsible for what happened on Friday, we are all horrified, but we are also on notice now: we have to change the way we do politics.

In many ways admirable sentiments, but will the Greens condemn this incident? Will they censure Ms Davidson for her many negative comments? Will Ms Ghahraman reform her own ways?

Will anyone hold the perpetrators responsible? Will the NZ Media hold the Greens to account?

It seems to me that before lecturing the rest of us the Greens need to put their own house in order.


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