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Washington Post: Post Reports Podcast for 07 March 2019 – Joe Biden’s 1975 rhetoric on race + Facebook + Vegans


But first Rod Emmerson at NZ Herald

We all understand what Zuckerberg’s priories are – even if he does not


Matt Viser on what we can learn from an interview with Joe Biden from the 1970s. Cat Zakrzewski on Facebook’s privacy overhaul. Plus, Lavanya Ramanathan on the rebranding of veganism.

In this episode

What Joe Biden said in the 1970s, and the downside of having a long career in politics
In a little-noticed interview shortly after he arrived in the Senate, Joe Biden spoke out on race. The future vice president argued against busing white children to majority-black schools and suggested that government should have a more limited role in integration.
Matt Viser is a national political reporter for The Washington Post. He explains what these new revelations could mean for Biden and a changing Democratic Party.
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Facebook’s privacy overhaul
Facebook announced this week that it will focus more on encryption and privacy in the near future. This comes at a time when the tech giant has been criticized for data mining and other practices users saw as unsavory.
Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said that instead of focusing on large-group communication, the company will switch to content that disappears after a certain period of time and feature smaller-group communication.
Cat Zakrzewski is a tech reporter for The Post and tells host Martine Powers how the social media giant is going to do it.
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53 best Vegan Cartoons :) images on Pinterest | Bizarro ...

Plant-based is the new vegan
Plant-based products are hitting the shelves of grocery stores all over the country — a rebranding of what was previously known as vegan.
“Plant-based is a term that appeals because it doesn’t exclude anyone, ” The Post’s Lavanya Ramanathan says.
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