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Intolerance: #2 – Free Speech in NZ under attack post Christchurch


The other day I put up a post on a new series of posts Intolerance

My intent was to probably post something over the weekend unfortunately examples are coming thick and fast – so I was wrong. What’s new!

Today, I came across this

Now we see how intolerance can spread. It is disturbing that the Chief Censor is involved.

I have no desire to read the manifesto, but by denying oxygen to it, the alleged perpetrator is afforded a degree of notoriety and ‘fame’ he otherwise would not obtain.

There is a free speech issue here as well, I abhor this person, Brenton Tarrant’s alleged crimes – however this action by the Chief Censor lends, potentially, Tarrant a totally unwarranted legitimacy – further it fuels the stupidity of some on the right and is seen as an encouragement to a number of equally deranged people on the left.

All in all a very unwise decision, especially as many on both left and right may well view this as a politicisation of the Chief Censor and thus an attack on free speech.

Major Fail.

Update: I now understand that this ban applies not just to the video, which I have some sympathy with, but the print version as well.

Wrong, wrong and wrong again.

The government is compounding the intolerance of the gunman.

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