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RNZ – Nine To Noon: NZ Gun Law Reform


Kathryn Ryan on Gun Law Reform with Chris Cahill and Simon Mount QC

Major changes are happening to our gun laws, a week after the Christchurch mosque shooting.

The government wants a ban on military-style semi-automatic and assault rifles to be in place by April 11.

A sales ban came into effect yesterday. It’s 22 years since such a ban was recommended by Sir Thomas Thorpe.

Simon Mount QC worked with him on that report and joins Kathryn to discuss its other recommendations, along with Police Association head Chris Cahill.

So why did it take Christchurch to enable this to happen?

The issue has been apparent for years!

Why was the community failed?

However, the government has now acted. Unlike the USA where the issue of Second Amendment rights, and the money of the NRA buy politicians complicity in an evil gun culture See

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