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Some Perspective on Christchurch


This tweet made Adam think about a number of issues

Broadly Adam agrees with the sentiment, but this attack happened in NZ and only recently and most people today know little of history, especially Adam would add in NZ based on his experience. However, some know or purport to know a lot about grievance.

Craig Ranapia draws attention to a major issue, the ignorance that so many have and the need to take account of tragedy in the context of history. That is not to downplay Christchurch, but an attempt to remind people that there have been other cataclysmic events. indeed in the context of population size the deaths of WW1 soldiers were possibly felt far more about the country as a whole.

So at this time, please reflect not just on Tarrant’s alleged actions, but on the courage and sacrifice of those who have for generations given their lives, blood and suffered to enable the lives we are fortunate to enjoy today

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  1. 24/03/2019 09:37

    FFS, there is no comparison. WW1 was about trade, not “freedom”. How different would the world have been had Germany won? Not that different, except Hitler may never have risen and WW2 would have been avoided.

    The colonisers would still rape and pillage the colonies.

    Those young men who headed off from the antipodes to Europe’s slaughter house had no idea what they were getting in to. They saw it as a grand adventure. They were no different to today’s antipodeans who headed off to join ISIS.


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