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Food,Glorious Food: Cottage Cheese Is the New Greek Yogurt


From Robin Tricoles at The Atlantic

Cottage cheese faced a problem: After World War II, batches of the soft, lumpy dairy concoction developed a propensity to take on a rancid odor and a bitter taste. That changed in 1951, when dairy researchers identified the culprits, three bacterial miscreants that produced this “slimy curd defect.” To prevent the condition, researchers advised cheesemakers to keep these bacteria from entering their manufacturing facilities in the first place. Thus ended the scourge.

Despite this and other advances in cottage-cheese production, like texture analyzers, high-powered microscopes, and trained human tasters, cottage cheese has never enjoyed the same popularity as yogurt. That’s because cottage cheese, once revered for its flavor and versatility, has taken a series of gut-punches in the dairy sector: enduring associations with weight loss, inconvenient packaging, and near-total displacement by its cousin, Greek yogurt, to name a few. But stalwart food scientists and artisanal dairy farmers have high hopes for the future of cottage cheese. With yogurt sales on the decline, a golden age of curds might be right around the corner. MORE AT LINK

Adam has a confession, he likes cottage cheese.A very helpful and interestingarticle

  1. 25/03/2019 18:57

    Thanks for that very interesting reading. For decades I’ve eaten cottage cheese on toast for breakfast – with vegemite and tomato in summer and topped with kiwifruit in winter.



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