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Classic TV Drama: The Onedin Line – #61 – S05 E09 – “Uncharted Waters”


A great Brit TV Classic – this episode

James has a half-unloaded cargo of jute when he finds out that the price has fallen. He orders Captain Baines to reload the cargo to take to Scotland. The load falls and lands on Baines breaking his arm. James calls a doctor and orders Baines to rest ashore. At home, James and Letty argue over her business ventures and when he again says that he wants her to be his wife, she says she cannot be Anne. She takes the portrait of Anne from the wall and James loses his temper and strikes Letty. He apologises profusely. Robert has great plans for a new store and shows off a model proudly. He takes it to Daniel Fogarty who assumes he wants to borrow money. Robert says he has secured a loan at the bank, but in an act of generosity Daniel tears up the loan agreement for £10,000 telling Robert that he wants to prove to Elizabeth that he does not always just think of money. Sarah Onedin is trying to raise funds to build a new seamen’s home in Liverpool and wants James’ old warehouse, but Letty also wants it to expand her business. When Sarah asks James to donate it, he says the price is £10,000. James asks Robert to sign an agreement to buy two new ships. Robert refuses saying he will sell his Onedin Line shares to him for £18,000. Sarah persuades Daniel to give her charity £10,000 to buy the warehouse therefore giving James money with which to buy Robert’s shares. Elizabeth finds out that William and Charlotte are meeting in secret. She and Daniel tell him he is being sent to London. He refuses saying that when he assumes control of Frazers he will cut them out of the company. James decides to take Letty and Charlotte to Scotland, but at the last minute he tells Charlotte that she is going to London to stay with her Aunt Mary, and James and Letty sail to Scotland without her.

The Onedin Line is a BBC television drama series, which ran from 1971 to 1980. The series was created by Cyril Abraham.

The series is set in Liverpool from 1860 to 1886[1] and covers the rise of a fictional shipping company, the Onedin Line, named after its owner James Onedin. Around this, it depicts the lives of his family, most notably his brother and partner Robert, a ship chandler, and his sister Elizabeth, giving insight into the lifestyle and customs at the time, not only at sea, but also ashore (mostly lower- and upper-middle-class). The series also illustrates some of the changes in business and shipping, such as from wooden to steel ships and from sailing ships to steamships. It shows the role that ships played in such matters as international politics, uprisings and the slave trade.


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